Big Pete Ltd is the UK’s No.1 most successful

Monster Truck Team.


Big Pete and the Grim Reaper are going to race each other, pull a car in half, crush cars and jump in to the air.


we only have one question for you


Big Pete Monster Trucks

Welcome to the exciting, adrenaline fuelled team

that is Big Pete Monster Trucks Ltd.

We are the only team in the world who has a driver that commentates all the way through the show, the only team to rip cars in half and we pride ourselves on fun filled performances with all the teams involvement.


Let’s introduce you to the Trucks themselves…

Big Pete

Big Pete UK Monster Truck

Big Pete, is the world’s only real monster truck, at 16ft tall and 12ft wide, weighing 7.5tons. Jumping 15ft in the air is an impressive sight for any event, crushing anything in its path

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Big Pete Monster Trucks

Grim Reaper, the lighter, more modern looking monster truck with a hint of sparkle in it’s bodywork can fly through the air and leave the crowd in awe of what these vehicles can do, giving you the “WOW” factor at any event.

New and exclusive!! Big Pete’s Monster Truck Trailer!

Big Pete is now the only Monster Truck in the world to have its own awesome Monster Trailer. This trailer even crushes cars!!

It can also be used for promotions, exhibits, and film and TV work.

Two for One

We are the only team who have two monster trucks working together at the same time within an arena, which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the crowds and not your arena surface, with amusing and informative commentary from the driver throughout the show.

Big Pete Ltd guarantee to prep all scrap cars to the highest standard, leaving no glass, plastic or pollutants. Not only do they crush cars they can jump clean over them, pull them in half and much more. Big Pete is also unique in the fact it is a two-seater truck which allows them to take competition winners and special guests for rides, this makes the trucks and crew hands-on approach like no other.

Take a look through our pages to find out more information about the team, the Monster Trucks and what happens behind the scenes.

Big Pete Monster Truck Team