Big Pete update of the winter overhaul.

Hi everybody,

this is an update to tell you all, how things are going,

on Big Pete so far we have striped both the axles right down and pulled the half shafts out for inspection just to make sure that they are not twisting or snapping off, as we do every year during our maintenance period. as always no problems there, we have fit new seals for the shafts and cleaned and inspected all the drive train, rebuilt and reassembled.

any little oil leaks have been addressed and sorted.

we have had the leaf springs re-sprung, a big thanks to brig springs who managed to get them done for us within 4 days just before they closed for good? 🙁

Nathan has been doing allot of work with us on the trucks making and fabricating things to make them more stronger and better.

we have ordered some new shock absorbers from America for the front to try and help with the pain on landings.

lots of polish and paint to make her look as good as we can for our 2011 season.

the 2011 season is set to be a very bizy 1 for Big Pete Ltd with over 20 shows in the bag so far and we are very bizy on getting ready to hit the road.

we have had the opportunity in having some r/c models made of Big Pete and the Grim Reaper in various price ranges. look out on our website for these offers.

so far on the Grim Reaper we have taken the old seat out and replaced it with a ButlerBilt fully aluminium racing seat,

we have had all the brakes in bits, the calipers rebuilt and new pads for the season.

engine service as done with both trucks every year,

lots of polish and paint.

hope to see you all at 1 of our shows and please come over, meet the crew and say hello.

best wishes

Sam & Michael

Big Pete Ltd

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