Frantic Start of Season for Big Pete

Michael, Paul and Joey are in the middle of a frantic start to the season, so here are a couple of updates to let you know how all things Big Pete are getting on;

Truckfest: This was a last minute show so sorry it didn’t get on the event listings in time, we’ll try and get back in the area towards the end of the season. It was a bit of a wet weekend, making a real mess of the site and dampening everyones spirits, the crouds did come once the weather backed off a bit later in the day though. We were only there on static display so a steady weekend with not a lot of action. We did get a chance to speak to a lot of people and start to make plans for the future

Newark and Notts County Show: this was our first official outing as Big Pete Ltd. and also the first car crush of the year. The shows went well apart from problems with the rebuilt front A arms. From Newark Michael and Joey set off to catch the ferry over to Northern Ireland from Stranragh on Tuesday morning, whilst Paul took the a-arms back to Hull to be modified.

Portrush, Northern Ireland: The week was a resounding success with the truck back to it’s old reliable self, touch wood this will remain so for another season. We did a total of four demonstrations over the three days, alternating between two different venues, the local police escorting us between events to save a lot of wheel changing for transit. Thanks also go out to Team Xtream who are a great bunch of lads, prooving again that the white rose of Yorkshire produces the best showmen in the UK!! Thanks to the Colraine council for their assistance and hospitality, and finally a special big thanks to Big AL our compere and host of the best night club in the world Kelly’s, Portrush (Al, we’ll be in touch!) A few pictures from this event can be found here.

And last but not least, Brands Hatch: The pictures and report are now in the gallery, click here to check them out.

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