April 2020- May 2021 update

In February 2020 we started work on the trucks several issues needed to be addressed on Grim Reaper, due to a failed bus jump grim reapers four link bars got bent, this was also one of those ‘if it aint broken….’ moments. Whilst we did that, we had the gearbox out and reconditioned. Once the new four link bars and gearbox was fitted, we did some testing and there was stiffness in the drive gear. the gearbox was removed and rechecked and was fine. It turned out that Grim Reaper has always been a little twisted, so when we straighten it with the new four link bars it had caused tightness in the drive link preventing the truck from driving.

We also completely rewired the truck because mid-season we had a dash fire which meant we were running on temporary repairs. A full rewire later, a new fire extinguisher and suppression system provided by our new sponsors Clubman Motorsport. we had just about sorted everything that and was ready to work on Big Pete when COVID struck and ceased all work.

Shows began to cancel, and the longer it went on the realisation that the entire season was lost.


Roll on this year 2021 the vaccination process is going a head at a great rate, there does look to be light at the end of the tunnel.

We received a booking in April for a film job wanting to use Big Pete to help promote there products, this meant we had to get the band back together for the first time in 12months and get Big Pete ready. A couple of cracks on the chassis were welded and repaired, the bottom half of the chassis was then repainted. We also repainted some of the bonnet where there was some repair work. Definitely not caused by Michael dancing on the bonnet.

A full weekends worth of polishing got Big Pete back to standard ready for filming. The weather was beautiful the team was in its brand-new uniform looking very professional (thanks Aaron). We hope that soon we will be able to share some pics from that weekend but for now it’s up products company to do with the footage as they see fit.

We have now started on the trailer which has had several patches welded and repaired by our super welder Chris Sherratt, the deck has been re boarded, and the brakes striped, cleaned and wheels painted.


May 2021

We have the trailer to paint then its time to service the Scania and get that ready. Then to finish Grim Reaper which should just need painting and an ongoing issue with the rear steer pump to be addressed.

Most important we have 5 events on the calendar for 2021!!!!  All being well with the vaccination program we can look forward to those shows, and a full 2022 calendar of events.


We miss all of you and cannot wait to cause some Damage!!!!!!!


Big Pete


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