Big Pete Attends Donnington Truck GP / Scania Update

Donnington Truck GP

We attended the Donnington truck GP on the 9th of November, sorry there was no warning on the site about that. We attended the show in association with R D Gill transport who put on a custom truck show at the event. This gave the ‘new’ scania her first outing and thankfully all went well. Joey will have to spend a bit more time under the dash to sort a few switches out. Joey or Floyd did not attend the event.


As expected it wasn’t long before the Scania’s previous owner, a Mr Brian Dobson made himself aware to us. This gave us a lot more background on the truck and it’s history. A gallery will be going up shortly as we develop the truck back to show stamndard. If you would like to see your products associated with the truck and team then please get in touch.

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