Big Pete Ltd. Launch “Extreme Days” Venture

We are pleased to announce a new initiative from Big Pete Ltd. The idea has been looked at many times and we now feel the company is strong enough to finance the venture in corporate entertainment. READ MORE BELOW:


The day will start at the Melbourne Arms, a very sassy eating house, run by a very savvy land lord, where an informal bruch will be served from their very delicious menu, of freshly cooked Yorkshire produce. The safety briefing will then take place to ensure the day runs smoothly. The location is the York Raceway, which is famous as the home of drag racing in the north for the last thirty years

Once this is out of the way you will find yourself being strapped into a fully blown, fire breathing drag car. As the engine starts the interior bursts into life as the car rolls down to the launch pads. From here your view is filled with 1/4 mile of straight, flat tarmac. Don’t get accustomed to the view, instantly your world will erupt in a crescendo of noise, vibration and G force, then 10 seconds later you will find yourself touching 150mph and passing the checkered boards signaling the end of your pass

After this thrill the action will turn towards the amazing ‘Backdraft’ wheelie truck, giving you a ride in this amazing machine as the front end lifts from the ground, you will feel what the balance point of a 17 ton truck feels like and experience the strange world, as seen at 45 degrees, pirouetting round your colleagues and friends with precision. Be sure to have your mind in gear though as you may be required to direct this machine through our special slalom course.

Then, to finish your day, we are offering you the chance to experience the thrill of hitting cars at 30mph, in the mammoth that is ‘Big Pete’ launching you 10′ into the air, but remember what goes up must come down, crushing whatever is below you, leaving a heap of mangled metal behind you.

Pushing man and machine to the extreme.

All of the monster truck extreme experience guests will the retire to the sanctury of the Cave Castle Hotel, located in the idyllic Yorkshire village of South Cave, where they can chill out and reflect on the thrills of the day over a drink, or check up on work in the comfort of their hotel room, with fax and internet access available.

To end the day a sumptuous dinner will be served in the hotels private dining room, good wine, good food and good company, the philosophy of the ‘Big Pete’ crew members.

The after dinner entertainment will be provided by Steve Royal, who has just completed his summer season at the north pier in Blackpool, where he hosted the comedians show, following his appearance on Peter Kay’s Pheonix Nights.

Michael and Paul will then make the presentations to the best driver of the day, and most memorable ‘cock up’, all extreme experience guests will be presented with their personalised DVD, which will contain footage of them driving the ‘Big Pete’ Monster Truck, before retiring to their rooms to reflect on their extrodinary day.

As yet the full schedule for the day is not confirmed. The above paragraphs are proposed and as such are subject to change without prior notice.

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