Big Pete News and Crew Update From January

Welcome to 2004, and happy new year. Here are a few updates involving Big Pete and the crew from January 2004!

2004 Calender
There have been a couple of extra bookings confirmed now so be sure to keep checking on the events page.

A bit dissapointing this month. Whilst parked overnight on a garage forecourt in Hebdon Bridge, someone decided they liked the look of the stacks on the back of the truck and removed one of the silencers from the system. As a temporary measure we have borrowed one to keep the noise down but this is a big expense we didn’t want to make. Be sure that if we find who did this their house will be attached to a large chain and dragged around the valley.

Crew News
Joey’s been up to his tricks again in Ecuador. Latest reports say he was nearly arrested by a columbian border patrol when he and an aussie got lost in the jungle. Neither of them had any form of ID or money on them at the time. Any way they managed to find their way back and he is decending to the beach to relax for a while.The donkeys had a hard time in the mountins, apparently it can be very loney up there!!!

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