Big Pete’s Big Appearances, also A Few Website & Crew Changes

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped anyones notice about the lack of updates on the web site recently, rest assured we are working on it at the moment and are about to put a load more information and a couple more pages online soon.

To keep you interested here is a bit of news from the last few months:

First of all, many of you will have noticed that the guestbook system has changed slightly. This was for security reasons as we were having a lot of bogus advertising posts (SPAM) in the guestbook. Please don’t be put off by the new system, althougth it takes a little longer for you to post it saves us time every day as we dont have to check posts for links to spam websites.

The more observant of you may have noticed the home page picture now features a red Mk2 Escort drag car in the foreground, with the truck jumping behind. This was taken at the recent ford festival at York Raceway. The car has been bought by Big Pete Ltd and will feature in the action for those participating in the up coming corporate days. A seperate site for the race car will feature shortly.

Speaking of which we have now held one corporate day for a group of people from Manchester, and are now reviewing feedback and suggestions to try and improve an already successful and enjoyable day, to ensure that not only will the experience be even more exciting but also ways to ensure more of you out there can enjoy the experience!

A bit has changed on the crew side as well this season. Those of you that have seen our live show will have seen Paul and Michael as usual. Sadly Joey no longer tours with us due to other commitments, also I (shoulders) am no longer able to attend many shows due to trying to forge a career in motorsport logistics. Two new faces that you may have noticed are a young lad known as Bean, and also Des. Anyone who has viseted York Raceway will recognise Des as the cheif marshal at the track, instantly recognisable by the big grin he always sports (oh yeah, the absence of half a leg is a give-away as well!!) Both of these new crew members will be added to the crew list as soon as suitable pictures are found that won’t scare the kids!

If any of you happen to live in or visited holland in the spring time you may have noticed Big Pete featured in a McDonald’s commercial on television over there. Michael, Paul and Des travelled over the north seas in march for the three day ad shoot where the truck was featured racing into the car park, stopping on top of the cars. A low resolution video of this ad will be on the site as soon as we get a copy from the producers. click here to go to videos.

Following on from the McDonald’s commercial, another Dutch TV company contacted us to feature in a program called ‘100 Things to do before you die’, and they came to film with us at the York Raceway. The shoot involved their presenter, first of all being kitted up and strapped into the passenger seat of the truck, before being given the ride of his life as Michael tried his hardest to make the presenter scream on TV!. Once he had composed himself from that experience it was his turn as he was taught the controls and skills required to pilot the monster machine over the cars ‘flying solo’. Again i hope to have footage of this on line as soon as possible. click here to go to videos

Michael and Bean have been on the road for the last couple of months, covering many miles on the way from the civil servents show in Kent all the way up to the Tain Gala in the north of Scotland, calling at many venues along the way, being joined on event by Paul and his family. Counting all events so far this season the truck and crew have featured on the bill at nearly 20 show days without mechanical, mental or physical breakdown. Not a bad achievement for any team and the tens of thousands of fans are never left dissappointed.

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  • gillian scott
    Posted at 21:08h, 19 July Reply

    Tried to send you a message before only wanted to say hi and hope you are well
    miss the flying moth and everyone
    Lots of love
    gill and david

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